Friday, January 10, 2014

What Mitch has been up to

In one of my weaker moments, I found some Victrix Napoleonics on sale on E-bay and couldn't resist. Sixty figures in a box. Wow! I thought. What a cheap way to get a bunch of figures.

When I opened them up. Wow! That's a lot of parts to put together. Much to my dismay, I found you had to glue everything on, heads, arms, back packs and sometimes legs. They were very fiddly.

Wow! Even more parts. So I put a few together to see how it went. The first batch wasn't so good. I was using Krylon white to  prime them with since it had worked well on other stuff. Well the paint must have been old or it was too cold, I don't know, but the paint clumped up on the figures obscuring the detail.

The first ones went into a jay of Simple Green to soak and remove the paint. Next I tried some artist's  Gesso as a primer based on something I read on the web. It worked alright, but I found it was a pain trying to paint the chest area due to the odd positioning of the arms and muskets. I managed to finish the two below and used Army Painter "Strong" stain on them.

Next two I tried painting before gluing the arms on. That worked much better, but was really fiddly. These two below I used the "Dark" stain and liked the result much better.

Here are some more of the first batch after removing the primer and some I left as there weren't so bad. There is also a mounted Afghan leader waiting to be painted for NW Frontier.

 Here its what waiting to be decaled and camoflauged for 15mm WW2 if we ever find a set or rules. the building on the left is being mounted for use with my Boxer Rebellion figures.

Rest of my Hetzers waiting to be assembled. One on the left by Command Decision are squatter. The FOW brand on the right is better proportioned, but more expensive.

 Here are some Brits being painted for NW Frontier.

 Another Box of Naps, this time from Perry Brothers. Much nicer and less parts to put together.

A view of the figures right out of the bow.You can see there are less parts to glue on. Don't know when I'll ever get to these. Another good deal I couldn't refuse. Found them at Fall-In Convention Flea Market being sold by a guy I met at Cold Wars last year.

Another project I couldn't resist. A German pre-dreadnought Brandenburg class battleship in 1:700 scale.

More fiddly parts and that's all the instructions you get.  Wonder how long this will be sitting around before I ever get to it.

Not shown. A bunch of 15mm Panzer IV's and V's. If we ever decide on a set a rules, maybe they'll get more attention. Just bought some Panzer Grey spray paint, so they'll be easier than doing the camo.

That's what is on my painting table. What's on yours?


Caliban said...

Well done on the multi-part plastics, Mitch. You're right about the gluing being fiddly. I painted some Victrix hoplites for a friend of mine, and I have also worked with the Warlord Games Gauls plus the Wargames Factory Numidians and Caesarean Romans. You have to accept that these will take longer than metals because of the assembly time, but once they're done you can't tell the difference until you pick them up. The prices are especially attractive, but for me the clincher is the precious painting time wasted on gluing my clumsy fingers together - and them prising them apart. I did enjoy painting the figures once assembled, and I'd do it again (in fact I'm about to paint some Numidian foot command); they're just a different experience from the metals...


James Gray said...


Yeah, I've got some of the Combrig resin kits. The more recent ones are very nice but the instructions are not much help at all.

Our recent game has got me working on painting figures again for the first time in months. I'm reconfiguring my Officer Corps from Beegee Peegee to BFWWII (a lot fewer of them, actually, as there is no platoon level of command) and working on some more vehicles.

I've also got a training wargame table setup. As I don't have a place I can leave wargames set up any more, I taped some butcher paper on a card table and drew the terrain on it. Now I can set up for a small game in (literally) seconds, and put-up time is the same. Now I can practice a few games of BFWWII before inflicting it on other members of the group.

It might also help generate a good introductory scenario.


Phil said...

Very nice looking troops!