Monday, June 24, 2013

Using Army Painter "Quickshade"

I bought some of  The Army Painter Quickshade and decided to try it out on some Northwest Frontier Ral Partha figures. I had obtained some used figures from Dennis Trout but they were in pretty bad shape. I also bought some from Great Endeavors as the ones I got from Dennis were limited.  Below is a picture of what the used figures looked like.

Here are some after "repainting"

This is a picture after they were dipped in the Quickshade. It gives them a Glossy look, but does a nice job of shading.

Here is what they look like after spraying the dipped figures with some "dullcoat".

Next is my paint job on a Ral Partha British figure.

Here is the same figure after "dipping".

Finally the finished figure after spraying with "dullcoat".

All in all, the Quickshade does a nice job. The British figure looks much better than the photos show. I now have almost a full TSATF unit of Afghans done. Working on the Brits now. Gawd how I hate painting. With the Brits it isn't too bad. I spray paint them khaki and then there are but 6 other colors, flesh, white belts, brown rifle, shoes and straps, off-white haversack, dark blue puttees, steel gun barrels. Next up Gurkas and then some more afghans.