Friday, April 14, 2006

Napoleonic Skirmish Wargaming Rules Links

Here are somelinks I've found regarding Napoleonic Skirmish Wargaming.
Bayonet Point,
Napoleonic skirmish rule-set. Please note that it is a work-in-progress, and I would appreciate any comments and criticisms that you might have: by Dennis I. Barrett

Chosen Men
Napoleonic skirmish rules - One of the simplest rule systems available. Chosen Men doesn't provide a quick reference sheet as all the rules fit on to 1 side of A4 (and not in microscopic print either!).
Chosen Men was designed primarily as a simple fast play skirmish system. Player turns are taken in a random order determined by cards. Each figure may take 1 action (move/load/fire) and also melee. Rifles are included and "tap loading" is catered for.
If you want a detailed simulation then Chosen Men is definitely not for you. If you want a fast paced fun game then give them a try!

Green Jackets
These rules are designed around playing small scale skirmish actions in 25mm on a small table top . About 10-50 figs per side is the usual size of game. The rules are written primarily for the Peninsular war of 1807-1814 .

Quick Rules For Napoleonics
A one page set of skirmish rules.

Or just go to: Where they arew all listed