Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Battle of Maida, Dragonflight Convention Aug-06

Beginning of Maida game presented at Dragonflight August 2006. Rules used were General de Brigade. British on the left, French on the right. British place all their light troops at far end of table depriving their main line of skirmisher support. Highlanders are in reserve in center of thier 2nd line. French have deployed their skirmishers in front of their advancing column in foreground. In background, French Legere are advancing thru the rough ground. French Cavalry and artillery are just next to them.

The French continue their advance, Brits hold their position on the hill. I think the French who had slightly more numbers decided to take the offense while the Brits decided to play it cautious. In these rules I have found the more aggressive player seems to have an advantage. On far end of table, Brits have deployed thier convergered light companies in skirmish order while maintaining thier rifles(Corsican Rangers) in Line formation. I think they wanted to take advantage of the rifles longer range, however, being only a 20 man unit their effect was minimal.

In the center the opposing side trade musket fire, and the Poles and Swiss try to attack. I can see one Polsh Battalion and the Swiss with "Unformed" markes on them. The near Polish Battalion has a "Route" marker. I believe most damage was caused by the pre-melee Morale checks to charge home. The Poles due to their lower quality didn't do too well. In the back ground the Corsican Rifles were outshot by the French Legere as they have several casualty caps showing. The French Cavalry have advanced and will charge next turn against the Rangers. In the foreground the French and Brits have already come to grips with one British battalion driven back. The French Brigade was a little larger(4 battalions) so had a definite advantage in numbers against the British. The Highlander Brigade is still in reserve and couldn't help much in the melees. British comander later decided that was a mistake as they were pretty mush useless until it was too late.

In this photo the French Dragioons have already charged and completely destroyed the Corsican Rangers. they took a "Pursuit" taest and received a "Blown Horses" reult which caused them to retire behind their own lines to recover, A fortunate result for them in any event. In the center the Poles and Swiss are keeping the Brits occupied but still can't manage to go in on a charge. Notice the Highlanders still not contributing to the fight. On the left, the French have routed another British unit (the one furthest away in back and facing to the rear) thru the Highlanders who became "Unformed" as a result. French left continue their steady advance and certainly are forcing the Brits to dance to their tune.

French are reorganizing on their right. In the center the Poles and Swiss have been stalled. Also, on the Frech Left, the Brits have some luck and manage to put a halt to the French advance. The French will get things moving again next turn however. As the time period was at an end, we had to call the game. The Brits were in trouble on their right and would be hard pressed to hold their position. One Highlander unit has a "Retreat" marker and the other unit behind it still has a "Rout"marker. Once the French form their troops up, the Brtish Artillery will be outflanked. (Unformed units cannot charge and melee at a disadvantage) The French still had several lightly damaged battalions plus their cavalry to continue with. All players agreed the Brits would leave the field to the French and retire. The result was considered to be a minor French Tactical Victory. Viva La France! We played a good three hours and everyone seemed to enjoy the game. Hope this gives you some fee for the rules. For further discussion see the posts on my "Napskirmish" Yahoo group Site. If any questions, e-mail me at bandrsntch @wavecable.com.

Monday, June 19, 2006

ENFILADE 2006 Report

Battle of Maida, from ENFILADE 2006 convention held in Olympia Wa. French advancing on the left. British have move as far as they would and promptly went into HOLD orders. French Light cavaly at bottom just before they attempted to charge Ross's Regiment. They failed morale with a RETREAt result and never recovered. Neither side attempted to send any troops thru the thickets shown at bottom or across the river and rough ground on the opposaite side.

View from the French side. Notice the Order Mixte'. Rectangular markers you see near British troops are ORDeRS Markers that have a simmary of the Order's requirements on the bottom side. When a Brigade changed orders, they changed the marker.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Napoleonic Skirmish Wargaming Rules Links

Here are somelinks I've found regarding Napoleonic Skirmish Wargaming.
Bayonet Point,
Napoleonic skirmish rule-set. Please note that it is a work-in-progress, and I would appreciate any comments and criticisms that you might have: by Dennis I. Barrett

Chosen Men
Napoleonic skirmish rules - One of the simplest rule systems available. Chosen Men doesn't provide a quick reference sheet as all the rules fit on to 1 side of A4 (and not in microscopic print either!).
Chosen Men was designed primarily as a simple fast play skirmish system. Player turns are taken in a random order determined by cards. Each figure may take 1 action (move/load/fire) and also melee. Rifles are included and "tap loading" is catered for.
If you want a detailed simulation then Chosen Men is definitely not for you. If you want a fast paced fun game then give them a try!

Green Jackets
These rules are designed around playing small scale skirmish actions in 25mm on a small table top . About 10-50 figs per side is the usual size of game. The rules are written primarily for the Peninsular war of 1807-1814 .

Quick Rules For Napoleonics
A one page set of skirmish rules.

Or just go to: http://www.freewargamesrules.co.uk/Rules/Napoleonic/napoleonic.htm Where they arew all listed

Monday, March 27, 2006

Game of Maida 1806 using General de Brigade Rules

From a recent game of Maida 1806 using General de Brigade Rules with Russian figures standing in for the British. I had the French. that's my hand you see trying to get the French to complete a charge. Several times I had flank attacks and would fail on the Morale check to complete the charge. Very frustrating! We called it a draw as neither side was spent and still had about equal number of troops available. A good game although I couldn't roll decent dice to save my life.